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  1. Hi,
    I need to produce seperate css files , one with IE support and one without.
    I guess that It's needed to compile the sass second time, and somehow pass $include-ie=false.

    Can anyone give a...
  2. Not a stand-alone one , sorry. Maybe I'll make one when I'll have spare time.
  3. ExtJs 4.2.2 extractData() method fails if the passed record has a 'length' property.
    The method thinks it's an array just because the object has 'length' property, and...
  4. Temporary workaround that I use is is setting axis constrain:false
  5. I had a similar problem (actually worse, when 'anchor' layout was used).
    The solution is manually masking the body :
  6. Same here. doesn't happen any more.

    Another issue : windows don't always marked when i click on them in the app inspector (components tab). Maybe a larger z-index should be used by the extension ?
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    Thanks, seems I'll indeed need to make a dedicated folder with shared images and somehow tweak the build scripts and sass to use them. The downside is that I loose all the benefits of sencha theme...
  8. Thanks, This tool has a great potential, but it does not working for me.I'm getting an exception when trying to inspect components :"isException: true value: TypeError: Cannot read property 'style'...
  9. The classes are in separate files;
    All is generated and built with Sencha cmd;
    "app.a" and "app.b" are just examples - the actual class names correspond to their paths as required.
  10. Yes,
    Thanks very much )
  11. Thanks Josef.

    First of all, a bug is a bug - even if it is in functionality intended for legacy (which i doubt, because alternateClassName is useful in many cases beside legacy).

    I refreshed,...
  12. Dynamic loader doesn't load "alternate" classes when used with wild card.
    At the same time, Sencha cmd does include them.

    Version : ExtJS 4.2.2

    Ext.define("app.a",{ ...
  13. Add component class names into components main element (as an attribute).
    Very handy when inspecting/searching applications html dom tree.

    Ext.define('override.Ext.Component', {
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    Anyone ?
    Sorry for bumping. it got really important as we apparently have little storage on the devices running the applications
  15. Found the cause of this exception - it's an extra leading comma in an Ext.require() statement .


    , 'app.a'
    , 'app.b'
    , 'app.c'
  16. Hi,
    I'm migrating large application from ext 4.0 to ext 4.2, and getting the following exception in "sencha -debug app refresh" . No prior errors exist in the log.
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    We have a workspace with few pages (ExtJs apps) , all of them using the same theme (package).
    The theme has many images , which after app compilations are stored in each one of the pages...
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    By the way.. a possible solution to your case may be not-reloading the page after login.
    It can be done by 'card' layout on the whole viewport , having the first 'card' be the login page , and the...
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    Glad to help )

    Not sure it's possible to force full screen on page load , particularly in a cross-browser manner.
    If you find an answer ( Maybe the resources listed above will help ), please let...
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    These are stand-alone methods that can be added to any class.
    For example, add "Utils.js" to your app folder ( taking that your application called 'myapp' ):

    Ext.define('myapp.Utils', {
  21. Hello,
    I need to put third-party scripts before any application scripts.
    The new cmd (3.1.2) places them at the end of all-classes.js

    Is there a way to instruct cmd to put given files before any...
  22. "After updating app" - i meant after upgrading to 4.2 from 4.1. the structure of the themes had changed and it's unclear how to organize or re-organize it now.
    for example, i was importing default...
  23. Joining to the question.
    After updating app from 4.1.1 ( the latest public release ), nothing works and i'm still trying to figure out what to do , without any success.
    Docs are messed and...
  24. I found a temporary workaround - just set docked item's height manually after it's rendered.
    for example, here's a patch to fix panel/window header which height has been set directly in css :

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    Yes, along with hundreds of container , component, and base members interfering )
    'Merge' is for example to give an option to see such private abstract classes as one with their subclass. for...
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