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  1. Hi,
    I have a json which has nested structure and json key name with space.
    therefore mapping in the model field is like " pqr" or "abc xyz.pqr"
    If I give such mapping in Architect it...
  2. I know I can create my custom component as view but there are some more things which I want to do while creating a comp like I want to create store and model dynamically for that view which I can...
  3. Hi
    I have created a custom component which takes a json and creates a view.that component is a controller which I export and import as a behavior in toolbox.
    I want to use that Custom component...
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    Hi All,
    Can we have Accordion layout which will open horizontally?
    What is config option for that?

    thanks in advance.
  5. Hi,
    I have a panel which has border layout.
    I want to insert that panel in a container or in a window. depending on the size of parent container it should be resize. If I use layout as auto it...
  6. Hi
    I implemented it using gradient on column chart
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    thanks for reply
    I did it using grid
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    I am using Touch Charts 2 beta and I have a data set for category axis .
    My problem is name appearing on Axis are long therefore only alternate names are appearing.
    Can I have all names may be...
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    When I used Sencha touch I used initialize event on view container.
    Now I want to use same code in my Ext JS application but it does not have initialize event on container. Which other event...
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    Hi All
    I have one problem related with Sencha Touch Charts.
    When I give label to Category Axis if they are bigger in size. It shows alternate names.
    I want all of them to be visible.
    I tried
  11. Sorry this question is related with Sencha Touch.
    Posted under wrong section.
  12. Hi All,
    I have created one combo box in which I want to set some specific value programatically.
    I used setDisplayField, setDisplayValue,setOptions but none of these are working . I am using...
  13. Hi
    I am using Sencha Touch charts.
    But I dont want to display top toolbar in Ext.chart.Panel.
    what is the way to hide it?
    here is my code

    createPanel = function (chart) {
  14. paging toolbar is used when we want to fetch data in a page size from server.
    I have a store which initially wont have data but I will load data on some event.
    I want to display that data in pages...
  15. Hello,
    I know this question is asked many times before but I could not find satisfactory answer.
    I am using a store which I want to load using loadData function.
    I want to use paging on the grid...
  16. this was the main issue..
  17. Hi,
    I have created a grid component dynamically which I want to add to a container on click of a button.
    container adds it . but the grid is not getting displayed.
    here is my code
    dynamic grid...
  18. I have reported it for (v2.1.0 build 588) only.:)
  19. Thanks for reply..
    that solves my issue I need not do ausync instead I will read it from memory and pass it to my ajax call.
  20. Hi
    when I add beforesync event on store using architect.
    it creates function definition as
    onJsonstoreBeforeSync: function(options, options) {
    and gives error as 'options' is already defined....
  21. I checked that link..
    It allows to edit but as soon as I click somewhere else it overwrites.
    If I don't use auto sync and sync the store on button click then that change remains till button gets...
  22. Hi,
    I guess there is some small mistake I am making.
    I have a store with autosync true and I am using cell editing plugin for editing grid.
    after I change the cell value and click somewhere else...
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    Hi all,
    I want to construct a Heat map using ExtJS 4.1 for my project.
    Can anyone help me for that?
    I did not find any link or code related with that..
  24. Hi,
    I am trying to implement waterfall chart using stacked bar chart. I am using Sencha Architect.
    but in Architect there is no 'gradient' option. If I add it as custom property then it takes...
  25. Hi,
    I have been using JSON generated through Sencha Architect for views to dynamically generate views.
    Ext.Ajax.request({ url :'data\\loginForm.json',
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