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  1. Hi,

    I managed to dodge the problem in HTC One using the name property of the components, instead of the id property to reference them.

    I know I'm missing something and I can not understand well...
  2. Hello mates,

    We have developed an app with Sencha Touch 2.2. We've tested in the emulator with multiple versions of Android (2.2, 3.2, 4.2.2, 4.3) and works fine.

    In all real devices we could...
  3. Solved! :)

    In app.js, indicated the path to the MyModule out of the labels <debug>:

    'Ext': 'touch/src',
    'MyApp': 'app'
  4. Hey guys,

    I have an application running properly Sencha Touch 2.2.0 compiling with Sencha Cmd and want to add a cross-module. I follow the instructions in the documentation ...
  5. Solved using the PhoneGap device object instead of Sencha Touch 2 Ext.device.Device. (:|
  6. Hi guys,

    First of all congratulate Brice, Sencha Cordova Builder is very comfortable and clean.

    I've found an issue when using Sencha Touch 2 (Ext.device.Device) + PhoneGap. We describe in...
  7. Hi guys,

    I made ​​an app with ST2. The run with Sencha Cmd in the Android Emulator and the iOS Simulator without any problem.

    /android/tools$ ./emulator -partition-size 100 -avd myAndroid4.2...
  9. Hi guys,

    I noticed that the error is in the script that is included in the "index.html", to create the production build, after HTMLComment:

    <!-- The line below must be kept intact for Sencha...
  10. From what I read it happens to many developers. I'm still trying to locate the problem. It comforts me that you hear from iOS and Android will not play. Let's see if we can find why it happens in...
  11. Yes friend, was stuck, could not find the solution. Thank you very much! =D>
  12. [SOLVED] ;)
  13. Hi guys,

    For weeks I have been developing an app with Sencha Touch and Sencha SDK Tools 2.0.0 Beta3. No problems building the Production version.

    When updating the app to Sencha Touch...
  14. Hi,

    app.js had a syntax error, missing closing element debug </debug>.


  15. Hi guys,

    A few months ago I started to develop an app with Sencha SDK Tools 2.0.0.beta.3 and Sencha Touch under Ubuntu and so far I've been doing without problems.

    Now I installed...
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