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  1. True, but I still want to be able to utilize the second argument to setVisible (animate) which is there in classic.
    The suggested workaround is OK for basic displaying/hiding. It would be nice to...
  2. Ext version tested:

    Ext 6.0.1 rev 47
    Ext 6.0.0 rev 640
    Browser versions tested against:

    Chrome 43.0.2357.132 (64-bit)
    DOCTYPE tested against:

  3. The bug is still present in Are there any estimates on when it might be fixed?
  4. With the latest ExtJS the form.submit() method became broken. It used to work fine with previous 6.0.0 beta revisions.

    Ext version tested:

  5. Replies
    I'd say it's up to your company coding standards. The Ext JS core uses both double and single quotes.
  6. As you say, it is strange. I checked the file locations thoroughly. The original file is at

    Sencha Cmd copied it to...
  7. True enough.

    Try commenting out the line from app.json where it says which js to include in your build:

    "modern": {
    "js": [
    // Remove this entry...
  8. I have this line in my app's index.html:

    <link href="resources/images/favicon.ico" rel="shortcut icon" type="image/x-icon" />

    This works fine when I open the app in browser while...
  9. Well, you can step through the code in ext-modern-all-debug.js. It is not minified, comments are included. Works well for me when debugging.
  10. This bug persists in ExtJS with the modern toolkit (which is the successor to Sencha Touch).As of ExtJS the majority of icons from Picots font is not being displayed on buttons. Why are...
  11. The problem persists with Sencha Cmd as well. Sencha Team, any estimates on when this might be fixed?
  12. As a temporary fix, I define a custom removeRecord method on my tree stores:

    * @param {} rec Record to be removed
    * @return {Deft.Promise}
  13. I have just upgraded the ExtJS SDK from to (simply by replacing the ext/ directory in my workspace root with the new downloaded one). Right after that I did

    sencha app build -c...
  14. I'm trying to make `sencha app watch -e production` ignore changes to *.swp files which are basically Vim buffer files. As suggested here, I modified the app.json:

    * File /...
  15. Replies
    I had a similar problem. Turned out that the form had been blocked by the Ghostery extension in my browser. You may want to open the page in browser's private mode to make sure nothing is blocking...
  16. Adding

    "toolkit": "classic"
    to package.json in my theme seems to have fixed the problem.

    I suggest that the missing configuration be added to the automatically generated app.json and...
  17. Maybe try adding this to app.json:

    "requires": [

    (sencha-charts is a synonym for the charts package)
  18. This may be related. The problem is unresolved as of now.
  19. Don, hanks for the suggestion. However, that does not seem to work for me. I generated an app with
    sencha --beta -sd ~/path_to_ext6/ generate app MyApp myApp/
    Next, I added the abovementioned...
  20. Hello everybody
    I'm trying to save my complicated sencha compile command into a file as suggested in

  21. Replies
    I can confirm this error is due to prematurely closing the form panel. Upon submitting the form, either hide it (don't destroy it), or even better, destroy it in the success callback (this way you...
  22. I found a solution to compile expanded CSS in the testing build and compressed CSS in the production build:

    I defined a compass.compile.output_property:

    # in the file...
  23. This typically happens when the order of compiled classes in your *-all.js file is wrong. One of the possible reasons and how to fix it:...
  24. I'm struggling with the same problem.

    AFAIK, app.json is used only by Sencha Touch - it does not work with Ext JS apps.
  25. Problem solved. While building the simplest test case possible I tracked down the offending code. A rogue // @require directive was the culprit here.

    Bad code:

    // file app/Application.js...
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