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  1. Try this:
    try {
    } catch (err) {
  2. Found a related bug reported for Ext JS 3.x:
    [FIXED-256][3.??] Ext.ToolTip.showAt needs to show anchor element
  3. When using ToolTip with anchor(arrow pointing) on mouse pointer (without target), it throws an exception.
    The code works on ExtJs 3.x

    Test code:

    var tip =...
  4. Finally figured out the problem!!!
    I have to add <!doctype> directive in my html file then all js script execute correctly.

    <!DOCTYPE HTML>Without <!doctype> directive in html file, even in the...
  5. I can use following pure javascript creates canvas in IE 9:
    1. document.write("<canvas id='myCanvas'></canvas>")
    2. document.createElement("canvas")
    3. Change the element.innerHTML= "<canvas...
  6. Even worse after removed the html option or used update():
    No canvas tag even not created:

    <div id="div5" class="myDiv"></div>

    with update():

  7. Thanks for the suggestion; still no luck on ExtJS 3.4. Same problem as using ExtJS 3.1.1
  8. I Test following HTML 5 video panel it fails on IE 9 as well.

    HTML5 VideoPanel based on Xantus's blog posting.
  9. I have following code to generate HTML 5 element(canvas, video) dynamically, it works on Firefox 3.6.17 and Chrome 12.0712.0 dev. But it cannot generate element under IE 9.

    var myDiv1 =...
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