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  1. Hello!!

    Has someone got any idea of how I can load a new tab without setting it as the active tab ?
    I use
    var tab = tabPanel.add(...) and then but it forces the active tab to...
  2. Hi,

    Do you see the Hello World Window example here ? Nice and easy.

    It's achived by a reeaally simple code :

    win = new Ext.Window({
  3. Thanks for your answer.

    But it doesn't seem to be the problem. Even if I set activeOnTop to false, it seems that trying to expand a panel in the accordion while another panel is expanding (with an...
  4. Hello,

    I'm really excited about this new version... but still, I've found a bug in the accordion widget with Firefox 2.0 or Safari (MacOS).

    With the demo accordion code :

    var accordion =...
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