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    Sorry to revive this post, but I was looking for this exact behavior and could not find anything.

    The funciton is as simple as this.


    You just have to add...
  2. Cheers!


    function slideToggle(e)
    if(e.isDisplayed() )
    //Es visible.
  3. Hello, i don't know what is going on, i have a grid with a toolbar (as shown in the picture) that works in this way:

    Altas(add): When you click this icon it opens a Ext.LayoutDialog and show's me...
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    As you can see in the image i have a TabPanel that what i want is to resize to certain percentage, the page that contains the TabPanel is loaded through and iframe, just like in the examples (by the...
  5. Hi, i just want to let you know the cause of the problem, i find out that was the proxy we use in the office, i just set my browser to skip the proxy server on the server IP and that's it, thank you...
  6. I already tried on different computers on different networks and all have the same effect of continuous loading, any idea? If you want i can send you a video.

    Thank you for your time.
  7. Hi, if use IE7 and try to load data into my form using the form.load() doesnt work, this happens in Vista and XP too, has someone come to this bug to? is there another way to load data into a form...
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    Could someone please explain how to install this plug-ins? Thank you very much
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    I just think the new interface is amazing! Is elegant ans stylish, i just try it to download it but it cant make it work, is there a way to download everything and make it work?

    Great work Jack!
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