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  1. shepsii: Thanks for your note
    Does it mean we cannot use a website hosted on a server in uiwebview? as it usually downloads sencha and other clientside code?
    And sorry I was not clear about dynamic...
  2. Thanks for the reply Mithchell.
    I am thinking if I use a mobile framework to have a webversion and a native version. With native version I will to add something to webversioni.e hybrid with dynamic...
  3. Wanted to know if its a good idea to host sencha on backend cosnidering performance/expereience etc and if any customers have used it to display in UIWebView
  4. Many of the Sencha Touch components work great and I am a fan of their framework.
    Taking into considering offline capability including app cache what do you think about loading a Sencha touch site...
  5. Is it okay to store the appSecret in the application's config which is visible to everyone?
    Additional Info:
    In the article Build a “To Do” Application with Sencha Touch,, and Facebook...
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