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  1. Here is a working example regarding the 'focus-lost' issue.
    How to test:
    - Just try to put the cursor to the input text below and wait the timer to update the grid (every 5 secs). The focus will be...
  2. I have a simple grid with several columns. Let's say one of the columns is time. And I update that column using setTimeout() every ten seconds.

    I also have several textfields (input text) below...
  3. Hello,

    I'm trying to swap panels inside a viewport (or parent panels) using drag and drop method.
    From the basic example in the API code, I manage to drag the panel the drop it somewhere.
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    Actually I have this problem as well.
    I'm using EXT 2.1.

    Is this by design?
    Or is there any other way to get rid of this extra space?

    Thanks in advance.
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    Hi all,
    I was wondering if there is a way to check if ajax request is successfully made or not.
    Because there's a limit of only 2 concurrent connections allowed to an URL.

    I'm building a...
  6. Try use...

    arrayChildren[k].qtip = 'blabla';

    (asumming that arrayChildren[k] is a html element)

    It should works... :)
  7. This code seems not to work in IE, only works in FF.. :)
  8. I would use 'getRowClass' in the Ext.grid.GridView object to put styles.
    This will override the default class which is set everytime the grid re-renders.
    Hope that helps.. ^^
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    Well... OMG to you too.
    I maybe a new to this framework. But I know if an instance/object have or not have certain method. And I'm pretty sure EXT HtmlEditor DO NOT have 'activate' method. It only...
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    Is it possible to activate htmlEditor from code (without having to click somewhere inside the editor)?

    I tried to use fireEvent('activate') but it didn't work.
    Any help will be greatly...
  11. I'm not a big fan for this defer/timer thingy.
    But well, that works... ^^

  12. Nope, cannot work with 'onrender'.
    The thing is, I used the same window opened-and-closed multiple times without creating a new one every time. 'Onrender' only executed once.

    And when I show it,...
  13. anyone?
  14. Hello guys,

    I have an EditorGridPanel which I can edit the cell value by double-clicking it.
    Normally when I double-click a cell, a textField (or whatever it is you're using), will appear with...
  15. Hello guys,

    So here's my problem, I have a window with a form inside. The form contains several textfields.
    What I'm trying to do is, whenever I show the window, I want to focus certain textfield...
  16. How do I get the HTML element itself?
    I already manage to get the record object. And I have the record ID as well.
    But I cannot find any method to grab the HTML element of that record.

  17. Is it possible to do so?

    I usually get the record by:

    var ds = myGrid.getStore();
    var rec = ds.getById('record001');

    I was hoping there's a method like:
  18. Ahhh, that one slipped out of my sight. Thx a bunch.
  19. Well that background-color thingy is just an example ^^

    Ok here's what I really want to do... :)

    As far as I understand, once I press 'enter' on the textfield, here are what happen afterward:...
  20. Well it did work of course.
    The breakpoint went there just fine as expected.
    But what I'm trying to do here is to override the original flow.

    For instance:
    I dont want the textfield to be gone,...
  21. I have a EditorGridPanel as follow:

    Column model:

    var mGridColumns= new Ext.grid.ColumnModel([{
    id : 'grid-column-1',
    header : 'Test',
    width : 120,
    sortable : false,...
  22. I have a EditorGridPanel as follow:

    var myGrid= new Ext.grid.EditorGridPanel({
    id: 'myGrid',
    ds: myGridDataStore,
    cm: myGridColumns,
    border: false,
    bodyBorder: false,
    layout: 'fit',
  23. anyone, plis...

    This thing kinda frustrates me... ><
  24. bump
  25. I have a EditorGridPanel. And then I add a class to a specific row using this function:

    var rec = Ext.get(multiGrid.getView().getRow(rowIndex));

    After I checked using...
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