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    I've found the reason and a solution that works for me.

    After the title animation ends the translateX property should be reverted to 0 and the left property should be set to the value translateX...
  2. Nobody? :C
  3. When building with sencha cmd (i'm using 3.0.2), I've noticed following errror:

    As soon as there's at least one Umlaut (like ö,ä,ü, ...) in the JavaScript Files, the Delta Update corrupts the...
  4. Direct Installation on Galaxy Nexus (Android 4.1.2) worked. (haven't tried google play)
  5. With the current Sencha CMD I no longer can produce my reported errror. (I also upgraded my JDK to SE 7u9)

    Android packaging now works, and the androidAPILevel config as a string doesn't...
  6. One more thing:

    I first had to change "androidAPILevel":"15", to "androidAPILevel":15, in order to get by the following error:

    "Attribute minSdkVersion in AndroidManifest.xml must be an...
  7. When having UTF-8 localization strings in the required JS Files, Sencha Cmd outputs ANSI, which leads to broken Umlauts (ä,ö,ü) etc.

    Since we are planning on releasing the app also in french and...
  8. When trying to package my Sencha Touch 2.1RC1 app for Android on Windows 7 (x64), I get the following Error Window "stbuild.exe doesn't work anymore":

    However packaging a native iOS app...
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