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  1. I have three dataviews, to which three seperate instances are provided of a Single Store.

    Note : I have only 1 store, but 3 different instances of the same store is provided to each of DataViews.
  2. Hi all,
    I am facing an issue with Proxy URL.
    Situation is like this :

    1. I have 3 different DataView List controls
    2. I have 1 Model and 1 Store to support them, where the Model is intitially...
  3. Even i am facing the same issue.

    There is no need of special javascript code or something.
    Just put a file control in any specific sencha container or panel. Tap on the Html File control, the...
  4. Yes i know that :)

    And No.

    I am not destroying the component.

    I am just calling the add method. And as per what i trace, when calling the add method to a component that is already added in...
  5. This is the code inside container :

    add : function() {
    var args =,
    index = -1;

    if (typeof args[0] == 'number') {
  6. Hi all,

    I am facing a problem for a while now.

    Description :
    When i am trying to add a component in the same parent container, with differennt index position, it is not updating the layout....
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    Thanks, You saved me :)

    It works exactly, i was using some other configurations that was either letting the title bar to remain intact or this bar.

    Now its fine, Thanks again.
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    My panel collapses on the left side, so i want is that when it gets collapse, it should not show that thick div expanding it again.
    This image depicts the scenerio when panel is in collapsed mode, i...
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    Hello All,

    I am having a collapsible panel and contents in it. All is good, i did not want the title so i did it, But is it possible to not have the box (about 35px width div) while we collapse...
  10. Thanks for your help. :)
  11. Hey,

    Thanks :)
    It works exactly like what i wanted to be :)

    Another way i got is to stop event propagation while touch events on canvases...
  12. Hi,
    This is my yet another post related to the same problem hoping for getting any help.

    I have a carousel, i want that on one carousel page, i dont want the carousel to work as it changes the...
  13. Hi,

    I have a carousel with four panels.

    Its working fine, i am able to navigate from one to second and so on.

    My 4th panel has one Canvas for drawing.

    Now my problem is that i want i can...
  14. I am still stuck on the same problem. For soution I have provide buttons near the carousel, so that user clicks on it and changes the carousel items.

    Still confused, is sencha missing something or...
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    \:D/ :)
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    See as per my knowledge it does not have something as Date type,

    And the other thing is that the data coming is not a Date type, it is a simple string 'Date(545311)'

    Follow up this example
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    Are you still stuck in the same problem ?

    And what is the title all about? it is related to .net?

    What is that?

    Specify it all again...
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    May be beacause, it does not directly execute the expression in the way you have implemented.

    I think there is a option/way out where you can define some functions that will manipulated in the...
  19. Thanks for your time.

    But i hope someone exactly knows what is the problem behind this, as to trace this was a big problem, and i solved it accidentally, that's not possible for all who might...
  20. Hi all,
    I am in big dilemma regarding this.

    For last many days, i have been struggling canvas drawing operation(different shapes) in sencha touch application.

    The drawing of lines where a bit...
  21. Hey, i think the problem is related to visible property when you try to hide the toolbar. Sencha sets the visible property to false, when you hide something, and when you set visible to false, then...
  22. Yes, we are not having anything like mouse, but even when we try to swipe or drag , it behaves as it is trying to select something like what happens in windows selection "You left click and start...
  23. Hi,

    Really nice showcase.

    I am not aware about drupal working. But a little curious after looking at you example.

    Can i access every little data from drupal site?

    I mean if my drupal site...
  24. Thanks :)
    I will work with the solution suggested by you.

    Thanks alot.
  25. Thanks for your time.

    I have a single floating panel for handling errors and updating the same floating panel as new errors arrive.

    But i have multiple menus, like context menu and long tap...
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