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  1. well this is how i was able to figure it out .. not sure if its the best solution but seems to work fine

    text: 'Sub Issues',
    dataIndex: 'subissues',
    width: 155,
  2. i figured i can add some screenshots to make it easier to understand the problem I am seeing .. one screenshot shows the grid with extra space in the row even when the long column is hidden .. and...
  3. In my grid I have one column that requires the row height to be much bigger than all other columns .. my thinking was that if i show that column then row height will adjust to it and sort of expand...
  4. is there a licensing option available to upgrade from extjs4 to sencha complete without having to pay the full price for sencha complete .. where you will essentially be paying twice for extjs4 since...
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    found the answer
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    I am trying to show a view where the first half of page is populated by data about a single item and the bottom half is a listing of other items related to the main item on first half of page. So I...
  7. before trying to reset the form ill post my code to see whats the problem in it because closeAction by default is destroy and that should wipe out form as well ..

  8. I have a button that opens up a window by calling a function that simply uses

    var wnd = Ext.create("SomeWindow", {});
    return wnd;

    to return a new window every time because there is a form...
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    are there any examples on adding rows in a grouped grid .. and also i am curious about how to add the rows to a specific group .. thanks
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    I am trying to show a grid on a page with a toolbar immediately below the grid but I dont want to use the dockedItems .. instead i want to add a second component (toolbar) to the viewport and have...
  11. works perfect .. thanks
  12. makes sense .. i guess i was looking for ways how other people have handled this situation
  13. i am talking about manually resizing the flex:1 column .. yes resizing all other columns automatically adjusts the flex:1 column but manually resizing the flex:1 column decreases the overall width of...
  14. i have a grid setup with forceToFit as false and one of the columns with flex=1 setting and all other columns with a fixed width. on page load the grid shows up fine and the grid takes the full space...
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    never mind problem was in one of the fields that had a dot in it .. took that out and data is loading fine
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    for some reason i keep running into problems in trying to load data from different stores .. here is my model class

    * Issue.js
    * Issue model class
    * Used by Issues store class
  17. I am trying to setup a simple store which loads data form a solr search server using jsonp proxy .. i m specifying the callback parameter as well as other solr params .. i am getting a valid response...
  18. I tried the filtering feature on regular grid and works pretty good but I was hoping to get the same functionality to work in a grouped store grid as well but the filter feature doesnt shows up in...
  19. by specifying the custom path in Ext.application in appFolder property or the paths property both seem to work ..

    name: 'DT',
    appFolder: 'custom path'


    paths: {
  20. yup makes sense

    I tried using the regular Ext.require without the mvc setup and it does seems to pick up correct path from the loader so the problem seems to be with mvc not the loader ..
  21. so are you saying i cant use the mvc pattern at all ?

    also i tried relative path .. something like ../../../Folder

    didnt seemed to make any difference .. so with mvc loader config path is...
  22. its not the preferred approach but its the limitation of the environment I am working in .. html files with server side code embedded in them are served from a different directory and all javascript...
  23. for my application the html file that includes the extjs and app.js files is in a completely different folder than the folder where all the js files includes app.js file is in. so to make the dynamic...
  24. is that something that can be done from controllers (meaning runtime) or can be specified in the store configuration
  25. so what would be the solution .. explicitly hide the child elements when the parent is hidden and show them again or something
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