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  1. Affected browsers: Safari (ver: 7.0.1) and Chrome (ver: 31.0.1650.63) - latest versions available today.

    Firefox is not affected and I have not tested IE.

    You can see the issue on the 3.4...
  2. This May not be the best way but so far its the only way that I got it working.{
    'bodyscroll': function (e, t, o) {

    var dom =...
  3. Hi All,

    Two grids, same CM. Two different stores.

    The first a detail grid with lots of numerical records. The second a totals grid where the store includes one record, which is totals of all...
  4. I'm kinda new and learning EXTJS but I guess thats why it says 'OPEN' in the title, because it has not been fixed in any version yet?

    I am using 3.4.0 and cannot for the life of me get my grid...
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    Hi Everyone,

    I know this thread is a little old but it relates so well to what I am asking!

    I have been looking for a new html/java editor for some time and had not found anything that I really...
  6. Hi diegotdai,

    Thank you for taking the time to look at this. I love your example, especially the last line! Looking at your example I only had to make one change in my code to make it work

  7. Let me tell you why I need to do this - as there very well may be (and probably is no doubt) a better way to do it.

    I have to modify some field data and I am doing it in the posteditValue function...
  8. For anyone else that might have this problem I found a solution here
  9. HI,

    I don't need a detailed example of how to fix this - just some conceptual help in understanding if there is an easy way to fix this.

    I have a grid that renders lots of numbers - many...
  10. Hi Kembuco,

    THANK YOU, your code works beautifully!

    I didn't know that I could set breakpoints with firebug...thats really cool! I'm real new to Ext and feel like my head is juustt below water...
  11. I have a roweditor that after I resize or move columns, then open roweditor, the roweditor does not match the new configuration. If I reload the page then it is correct.

    I looked at the source...
  12. Now the same date shows up 1 day different depending on which browser I use, safari displays the date correctly and FF does not.

    I am sure this all has to do with how the date is stored, ie a time...
  13. Troubleshooting a little more I found two things that were keeping the data from rendering in the fields in safari.

    First, in the data store, I had to change the field type to "string" instead...
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    Never mind...I ran across the example and replaced the code above with

    Ext.state.Manager.setProvider(new Ext.state.CookieProvider());

    and it works as advertised.
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    Hi everyone,

    I'm real new here and am just learning, I've created a grid that works great, and thought I would make it stateful. Am I missing something here, it looks like all I need is the...
  16. Interesting problem, can anyone think of any obvious reasons why this would be?

    I have a grid/column model/store set up that works beautifully in FF and chrome, but in Safari and IE8, one of the...
  17. In 4.0.1 when dbl clicking on a row for roweditor to edit, roweditor initially renders all fields, even ones hidden by the grid.
  18. I'm kinda new around here, how do I get the fix? I'm developing on the open source version to see if we can make it work, and if so before going live we will purchase the commercial license.

    Do I...
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    Thank you stevil, sometimes the simplest little thing can mess you up .... I got it working now.
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    I don't need detailed help creating the file, I just need to know where it is coming from, what creates it? Is it created by a php file and if so where is that in the store code?
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    I am just learning EXT JS and have what I am sure is a simple question for you guys.

    I created a grid in 3.3.1 that connected to a mysql database via httpproxy, now I have converted...
  22. I noticed that when I hide the LAST column in a sub group of columns, it renders incorrectly. I am very new to EXT JS - so could I be implementing this incorrectly?

    Notice in the code below, the...
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