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  1. this is my code to display one sql statement from a php file.
    What I would like to do is use the slider to change the php statement to select a different year for the data.
    I just need help to try...
  2. I have pretty basic portal built with extjs 3.4 which utilizes charts to display data coming from postgresql.
    I have now updated datasets and the owner would like to compare years of data.....and...
  3. I have a tree which has nodes with checkboxes and radiobuttons. I want to prevent a node from being selectable UNLESS the radiobutton has been set to true.

    I can´t see any relevent clues in the...
  4. excellent!!!...thanks again!
  5. It only works with the first node! try another node and it doesn´t work again!
  6. You were right!...
    thanks for your time and effort! that was going to ruin my weekend if I didnß´t get it sorted out!

    thanks a million,

  7. just to confirm......

    I modified my code as you when the checkbox is turned off, the radiobutton should also be turned off...but this is not is still checked!?!

  8. here is the demo project

    I tried both "node.ui.checkbox" and "node.checkbox" out of curiosity.

    var radio = document.getElementById('foo');
  9. not that easy im afraid..

    Cannot call method 'setValue' of undefined

    Uncaught TypeError: Object #<HTMLInputElement> has no...
  10. I have a treenode with a check box and a radio button on the same node. This gives the node the property of being "visible" with the checkbox and "active" with radio button.

    When the check box is...
  11. I would like to add an icon to the right of a tree node which opens an ext.window when I click on it.

    Has anyone seen an example of something similar or could guide me in the right direction?
  12. do you mean the sizing of the in

    columns: [
    header: "metadata",
    width: 400,
    dataIndex: "metadata",
  13. I am using OpenLayers with Ext to produce a grid of layers with a few of their attributes.

    a typical layer object looks like this...

    var layer_1 = new OpenLayers.Layer.WMS("Layer 1...
  14. I would like to be able to reset my set all buttons to depressed= false.

    I can get the toolbar using mapPanel.getTopToolbar but don´t know how I can iterate through al of the actions...
  15. I want to print an Ext.Panel with the following function called printmap();
    The function simply creates a window and a table in html and fills it with the ext.panel
    in the following way using...
  16. Hi,

    Could anyone give me a clue how I could password protect the opening of a treenode with php? It shouldn´t be a complex procedure, just a simple php authorization. I can´t see any similar...
  17. Hi,

    I´m at the design stage of a little tool which should search through a treepanel and find the text property of a node. The results of the search should be listed in a way which enables the...
  18. Hi,
    I´m trying to loop through all nodes in a tree to find out which radio node is checked so that I can obtain the node name and use it somewhere else,

    //Loop through each Group of Layers
  19. Hi,

    Is there a way that I can make my messagebox freeze? take away the ability to move it around the screen?

    I want to cover up some text with the messagebox which will not be disclosed...
  20. Hi,

    I have a line chart and a grid that are both displayed in an anchor layout within a panel.
    Both items have the same data a postgresql database connection. Today, whilst I was...
  21. Thanks for the solution...that was actually logical when you hear it from someone who knows!....silly me!
  22. Hi,

    I have a php script which retrieves data from postgres and encodes it into json.

    $connection=pg_connect("host=*** port=*** dbname=*** user=*** password=***");
    $result =...
  23. Hi,

    does anyone know of any simple opensource document management systems?
    No need for online editing, user accounts etc, just simple viewing capabilities.


  24. Hi,

    In Firefox and Chrome the results of my simple database query are shown fine in a panel. In IE7 I get the following error..

    '' ist Null oder kein Objekt

    Can anyone tell me...
  25. Hi,

    I am calling xml into a html page using jquery. I am using jquery to ensure than Firefox,chrome and IE all render the content the same.

    I also want to display the html as content in a...
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