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    Hi everyone,
    I'm working on a web application with extjs, the problem that I have an error that appears in all parts and I have not found a solution, then the error message is as follows :
    e is...
  2. thank you for your help,
    but the problem that I have no TBARS in my header, I have a header in html, I do not know if you understand me or not, because I put your code in the tag <script> </...
  3. hi everyone,
    I am still novice with extjs,
    then I want to insert a clock in my web application in the header of my page
    how can I do,
    is it a type of field or what??
    it is urgent
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    Hi for all,
    I want examples of the application programmed with extjs,
    where I found a session connection and disconnection,
    because my own application contains a step of authentication, ...
  5. Hello,
    I just look for the numeric updown fields, how it creates is that it is a property or function?
    This is important,
    Thank you in advance
  6. Hi,
    I have an error in firebug, but I just not understand it and solve it, how I can solve it!!!!!
    it is
    e is undefined
    Ext.DomHelper=function() (var n:null......) exist in ext-all.js
    thank you...
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