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  1. Stefan,
    Try to setStyleName(styleClass) e.g
    ProgressBar pb;

    then in your project.css file found in the war folder:
    .myProgressBar {
  2. Replies
    I had posted a similar question which appears to be getting ignored.
    I am looking for two things at this point.

    The ability to dynamically create fields/properties within the bean and then apply...
  3. When using Sencha Grids I find I have to create a fixed model SGrid class and SGridProperties interface such that
    I have to N columns up to as many as I add to my List of ColumnConfig
    as well...
  4. Does it matter when rendering Charts if the Data class was changed to allow any number of data values
    the standard file contains 9 Double values. Are there any limitations on what can be...
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