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    I totally agree with Steven

    --projectFile ./build.jsb2does work but

    --projectFile build.jsb2does not (result is FileNotFoundException because of a 'null' value is prepended to each file...
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    this seem to happen with all VMs that have a older version of Rhino included. (For me it happend on Leopard with JDK 1.6)
    One workaround that worked for me fine (as i did not need to reconfigure my...
  3. Hi there,

    I was just looking for a ExtJS usergroup meeting in Berlin (where I am staying right now), unfortunately there is no one. Is there anyone from Berlin or from the area and is also...
  4. Hi Ronald,

    yes time is always a problem (as you can see from me late reply, but i have an excuse as I was on vacation...).
    The idea of extensive is not to use a MDSD approach like with EMF where...
  5. The Rhino interpreter is used to generate Javascript files. As Rhino interprets Javascript the generator scripts are written in Javascript itself (that way we only have to know Javascript).
  6. Hi folks,

    i had a larger project using ExtJS that was finished a few weeks ago. Big question was how to structure a pure Ext application. My ideas and experiences went into a project called...
  7. Hi there,

    just talked to Nils that I will say a few words about Extensive in the meeting.
    The idea of Extensive is to build a framework based on Ext that provides Rails-like generators to ensure...
  8. Ever wanted to Add a delete button in each row of an data grid? Just follow the link that leads to a blog post of mine and you can download an extension to do that.

    Have fun,

  9. Hi Joe,

    thanks for the fix. Do you want to commit it to SVN? If so I would be glad to give you access. Just send me mail (e.g. at with you e-mail. ...
  10. You want to do that just by using the new Ext Core 3.0?
    Then use the code from this post:
    Display an info text in a HTML input field if its focus is lost

    Have fun,

  11. If you try to embed a triggerfield in a fieldset (with collapsed set to true), it is not displayed under IE6. Even worse, other children of the fieldset are also hidden.
    Just check the following...
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