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  1. In the grid grouping view, we could expand or collapse the grouping view.

    Is there a way to permanently expand the grouping view, so that the user will never be able to collapse the rows?
  2. I face the same problem too. It is unfortunate there are some jar providers who would not let their jars accessible thro maven central. Oracle ojdbc5 and ojdbc6, for examples. Add gxt 2.x to the...
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    Does it mean that even though having a licence would allow us to use v2.2.6, but it would not facilitate allowing us to download v2.2.6?

    I just need to know how to get our hands on v2.2.6.
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    Hellooo ... knock, knock, anybody there ....?
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    I am currently using 2.2.5. I would like to try v2.2.6.

    The company I currently work for has licences to v2 and v3.

    I went to the sencha "gxt support" page thro google search. The page is a...
  6. This is how I solved the deficiency. I am using gxt 2.2.5.

    class FieldSetFriendlyFormPanel extends FormPanel
    * isValid is called by FormButtonBinding
    * to dis/enable the fields...
  7. "Test with both 3.0.0-rc ... "

    I think we are only licensed for 2.x.
  8. I believe that setValue does not visually make the value appear as the selected item on the combobox.

    I need to programmatically select an item, just as thought a user clicked on the combo box a...
  9. Let's say that a combo box encapsulates three instances of the model Candidates:

    Therefore, would correlate to selecting model instance Romney.
  10. My form has a few FieldSets.

    Is the formbinding capable of binding fields in those FieldSets to a button?

    Is the formbinding capable of binding fields of a certain FieldSet to a button?
  11. The following is my code. I would like to know how to intercept the CellEditor, so that every time user clicks on "selected"/"Paid" checkbox of any row, I wish to dispatch the model data of that row...
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