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  1. Thanks Phil,

    So I guess it is not something we are doing.

    Any chance of knowing when the service release will be available. Being that we are on an older version now we are notified when...
  2. Hi,

    Just curious about what files you are reading from to compare to the metadata file. The reason I ask is that we use Architect exclusively to create the UI and never touch the generated JS...
  3. Aaron,

    Think it went through had to take the extension off the zip file.

    Let me know if you need anything else.

  4. Aaron,

    At closer review of the response it says something about reviewing the attachment guid lines. I will try to send as a private message.

  5. Hi Aaron,

    Still no luck. Still bouncing back. The attachment is 2.9mb will this be a problem?

  6. Aaron,

    Tried sending you the project and the email is bouncing back as undeliverable.

    Something else to note is when uninstalling Architect all the files are...
  7. We have had two projects have objects removed from the project after upgrading from 2.2.1 to 2.2.2 this morning. In one of the projects it remove a Store and in the other it removed 2 controllers. ...
  8. I have tested this on a Nexus 7, Auss Transformer Pad, Motorola Droid device, don't know the model, and several other friend devices that have the ability to run Mobile Chrome.

    I will post a test...
  9. The value idProperty is "Value". The server returns two fields Value and Description. Like I said everything works fine as long as you don't select the bank value from the selectField and if the...
  10. REQUIRED INFORMATIONTouch version tested:

    Touch 2.0.1
    Touch 2.1.1
    Browser versions tested against:

    Mobile Chrome

    Using Mobile Chrome on an Android device when you tap...
  11. I have a form with several selectfields each field is bound to a json store and each list contains a blank record for the first element so the user can blank out the field. When the blink item is...
  12. The problem occurs when you put focus in a text field. Once you do this the keyboard comes up and the form re-sizes and the tabs are above the keyboard, making the form unusable . This does not...
  13. We found that if you do not return any content when data is not found from the web service but still return a status of 200 or 204 the success property will be set to true. If you return an empty...
  14. thanks, that did it.
  15. Is it not what I am doing in this code block with the proxy.getReader() or am I missing something.

    var store = list.getStore(),
    store.load({ params: {WorkOrderType: btn.getText()},...
  16. I am sorry I am new to this framwork but is there another way to call the getMessage method on the reader other than

    var msg = reader.getMessage();

  17. I am running the following code to load the store.

    var store = list.getStore(),
    store.load({ params: {WorkOrderType: btn.getText()}, callback: function(record, operation, success) {
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