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    Thanks Mitchell,
    I'll try to complete it !
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    Ok Mitchell.
    I'm studing the Sencha Layout System and maybe I understood it.
    Now my question is:
    Is Sencha Touch a reccomended tool for developing a web-application for desktop environment too?...
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    Hi to everyone.
    I've got a problem with List widget.
    I'm trying to develop a small application with Sencha Touch 1.1 for a
    desktop environment that uses a touchscreen monitor and I want to create...
  4. Thanks a lot Andrea.
    Your answer is very helpful.

    Grazie Infinite
  5. Felice di aver letto!

    But I need also some widgets that I've not found in Sencha Touch 2.0, like the amazing Grid.
    I need more Grids in my Application and in the Sencha API Documentation I didn't...
  6. Hi Guys.
    I'm learning some of Sencha JS Frameworks like Extjs and Touch 2.0 .
    Now I need to developing a Web-Based application that must run on a Desktop Environment, and before I choose to create...
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