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    hi guys,

    can i create singleton for tooltip in ext ?????
    reason is i have multiple row of data in my datatable and each row will has a tooltip.

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    hi, may i know how to tune back the css for the date picker ??

    since it is created at out of the grid...

    might be some of the css is no longer can apply into it ...

    css bug when choose year...
  3. hi,

    i face a problem with the file size currently.
    i need to do validation before upload to server.
    may i know that EXT can suppport this feature or not?
    determine the file size before...
  4. hi,

    on(String eventName, Function handler, [Object options]) : void Observable
    Appends an event handler to this element (shorthand for addListener)

    what is the full event name for tis 'ON'...
  5. hi,

    - my page has 1 iframe.
    - onload will run js function. it will loop the iframe src every 20 seconds.

    - i need to make sure the content inside the iframe is fully...
  6. hi,

    i were playing around with the dialog recently and i found that the dialog box cant support multiple tab (>10). even you try to maximise the overlay on the screen but still cant show all the...
  7. thx for your guys reply me and share alot of experience with me.

    i able to fixe my error with update all my lib (js file - prototype, scriptaculous).

    thx alot friend
  8. can you explain more in step 3 and step 4 ?
    abit blur. (sorry)
    i import Prototype.js and ext-all.js in the same page and those function will apply in the same page.

  9. hi,

    i found that ext-all.js confilct with prototype.js in my project.
    i am not sure that u guys moticed or has been solved by some one.

    while i try to implement the "basic-dialog" from...
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