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    Sure, there will be no public repo from Sencha - that's clear. OK.

    By supporting 1 year - you're talking about supporting Ext 3.x for 1 year, right?

    But my primary question (still unanswered)...
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    Why is there no public repository with Extjs 3.x? The support from Sencha is diminishing, updates are rare, especially if I'm not a premium subscriber. Did everyone go to Ext 4.x?
    Do the...
  3. I was using the Linux version of Sencha Architect, and the Linux version has the "Build Android App" option disabled (i.e. it's not implemented in Linux yet). As far as I remember "Build Web App" was...
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    And I wonder about backward compatibility of Extjs 5. Will there be as many changes between 5 vs 4 as with 4 vs 3?

    I'm considering Sencha Complete which provides future Ext 5, but I wouldn't like...
  5. Hi,
    I'm playing with Sencha Architect and right now I'm trying to build one of the provided Sencha Touch demo apps - namely the SearchList app or the Contacts app. I'm able to build them as Webapps...
  6. AFAIK Extjs adds some layers (functions) between browser events and our event handlers.
    How could I modify Ext so that some my function gets called every time an event
    handler is about to be...
  7. A quick fix is to find "validateValue" method in daterangefield-1.0.2.js, and change it like this:

    validateValue : function(value){
    value = this.formatDate(value);
    // ...
  8. Ext version tested:

    Ext 3.1.1

    Adapter used:
  9. Hello Everyone!

    I have a FormPanel inside of a TabPanel.
    How can I make my FormPanel's look as if it had "frame" parameter set to true BUT without borders? I tried "border:false",...
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