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  1. Im experiencing this same issue. Dear experts, any way we could tab between fields in a form in a modal window?
  2. you're almost wrong but got it solved with that config. Thanks a lot.

    Should be

    onWidgetAttach(widget, record)
  3. Hi,

    I have been trying to figure out how to do this. I have a simple grid with a simple button in the widgetcolumn. I would like it to be hidden or displayed based on some conditions when the...
  4. i hope the silence does not mean "No! it is not possible".

    I hope not to hear something like:
    "No, dropping an item to one panel from many different panels is not possible"

    It's time to dive...
  5. Up
  6. Hi,

    I am currently having difficulty allowing a dropzone to receive drops from different dragzones. My requirement is simple.
    Grid A: Source of all data
    Grid B: Receive drops from Grid A. Grid B...
  7. OMG!!! You saved my day! Thank you...
  8. My server returns array data like below

    {id: '1', parent: '', name: 'AB'},
    {id: '2', parent: '1', name: 'A'},
    {id: '3', parent: '1', name: 'B'},
    {id: '4', parent: '', name:...
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    Im not good at extjs, so I'll just ask if someone could help me alter the above extension such that it will not show the icons of all the items in the tree, and also the tree gets filtered while I...
  10. This piece of code here is killing me. Does not work on IE6 and Chrome. It is simply a window with 'form' as a layout and items are multiple htmlEditor.


  11. I just found out that it is a date formatting issue in IE. I just modified FeedGrid.js to suit my need.

    From: (date)

    reader: new
    {record: 'item'},
  12. I used Feed-Viewer in the web page I am developing when I noticed that the date was not displaying in IE (6, 7, 8).
    Here's the link to the example:...
  13. I clicked "Preview Post" and didn't realize it actually created the thread.

    Anyway, I tried your fix and it worked. THanks a lot...
  14. Thanks Fay,

    Yes I tried your fix and it worked. Thanks!
  15. nevermind... I just created a table and put them into different rows.

  16. Hi,

    I have been trying to fix this for many days but no success.

    I just declared 2 div in the following sequence

    <div id='login-form'/>
    <br />
    <div id='feeds'/>
  17. Hi,

    I have been trying to fix this for many days but no success.

    I just declared 2 div in the following sequence

    <div id='login-form'/>
    <br />
    <div id='feeds'/>
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    Hi Condor,

    Sorry for not trying out first before asking. I am in need of the same functionality but cannot try it out until I reach home tonight. I checked the api documentation about...
  19. Surprisingly this hack works. But I don't know whether this is efficient.

    var tmpRecs = {records:store.getRange(0, store.getCount())};
    var tmpRec = {<new Data>};
    store.loadData(tmpRec ,...
  20. Alright I found it.

    var tmpRec = {<data here...>};

    store.loadData(tmpRec , true);

    This is code is just what I needed, to add a record into the store without trigerring a 'POST'. But......
  21. Dear experts,

    I have just successfully created a restful grid doing CRUD operations (server: galssfish with jersey and jpa, db: mysql). I'm just glad to have just completed trying to get it...
  22. Great!!! Is it a matter of hacking to know all these? Or it is a pre-requisite to understand everything about html in order to use ExtJs effectively? Anyway, I got it working now. Thanks!!!
  23. Ok. I shouldn't have asked... coz I was wrong and you are right. Obviously I can get the "record". (record!=null) just returns true. But can you try to get something from "record"? I just can't seem...
  24. Alright my first post here. I hope I'm at the right section to ask this question.

    I understand that I can create a grid with data from a datasource, or can also create a Grid from an existing...
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