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  1. Darrell,

    Personally, I like option 3. Have separate configuration objects that are accessible from the widgets themselves. That has the benefit of completely separating the pre-render...
  2. You are correct. This has already been reported and corrected. Of course, it won't show up as fixed until the next release. You can see the original post here.
  3. This problem has already been reported and corrected, but you'll have to have commercial support (to get the svn) or wait until the next release. You can see Darrell's response here.
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    Make sure you add the gxt.jar to your shell.cmd class path.
  5. Is there a good reason why HistoryEvent doesn't contain a constructor that accepts a token? Isn't the ability to supply a token the primary use of a HistoryEvent? Or am I just way off base on this? I...
  6. The setup.txt file that comes with the download contains this text:

    Add the following entry to you projects module xml file.

    <inherits name='com.extjs.gxt.GXT'/>
    When I do that, I get...
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    Oh. Ok. Thanks.
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    What is the url for the svn? I want to setup my daily build project.
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