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  1. Well, the problem is, that no event is coming when I click on a radio that is already checked. But thanks anyways and nevermind, I have already solved the problem using standard JS tools :)
  2. Hello everybody,

    Is there any way to allow to de-select all radio buttons in a group by clicking on the radio that is checked now? there is no onClick event, as in jQuery, and in general, no event...
  3. TonyBones - thanks a lot! so far it works perfectly for me
  4. the problem here is in html_code stuff
    if you remove it, everything seems to be OK:

    /*var html_code =
    "div#" + gidPrefix +
    " div.x-grid3-row {padding-left:" +...
  5. Oh, wow, great news, Tony :) I have already done something for my own needs and certainly I cannot publish it because it's not generalized at all, but I am still suffering from some issues :(
  6. Hi everyone,
    Is there any chance to add a summaries plugin to this grouping stuff? the regular one doesn't work (at least, on 3.4). I am going to dig into this, but just in case - maybe the problem...
  7. Hi guys,
    I am not completely new to extjs, but this particular matter is new for me.
    Can anyone please help me with grouping summary for this plugin in case of 3.4?
    All code samples found in this...
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