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  1. As above, I've googled for it but can't find any such thing.

  2. Still present in 2.0 beta 1
  3. Err, so what do I have to add where to make this example work?
  4. Take

    Comment out:


    And at the end have
  5. Works fine in FF, bad in IE 6.

    Goto Form 3 (the first form3!), click on Phone Numbers

    You should see the form fields are all...
  6. In dynamic.js I can see a FormPanel which is a TabPanel:

    var tabs = new Ext.FormPanel({
    labelWidth: 75,
    width: 350,

    items: {
  7. Can tab panels be reordered by dragging, like in FF?

    I can't see any such thing, but was wondering if it was hidden.

    If not, what chance of having this? UI and programmatic reordering would be...
  8. Anyone got a working example?

    I have tried, and got an odd looking one:

    I can't see any such thing in the sample code, so I'd just like to see a...
  9. What am I doing wrong?

    FormPanel looks fine if it is just inside Window, but plop it into TabPanel and it looks odd, form styling is all white, can't see fields.

    Ext.onReady(function() {...
  10. Currently takes an optional String or Element.

    I was just thinking it might be nice to also make it take a Component.

    I know you can just pass in component.getEl(), but when...
  11. Just to be clear, this tab issue only happens for me in IE 6, fine in FF.
  12. Nope, nothing special, it is based on the anchor.html example.

    I just plopped in a combobox.
  13. Click in combobox field, then tab out. You should see the "Send To" field has disappeared
    and fields shift up to take up space. If I click in "Subject" field then shift-tab backwards then the "Send...
  14. Put in a 100% sizing combobox in the achoring.js demo

    In IE 6 the combo box dissapears, fine in FF, fine at <100%


    var exampleData= [
    ['AL', 'Alabama'],
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