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    The 30 day trial period has ended, but I could not find any announcement about the release of Sencha Designer 2.0. What is the status of the trial? I can no longer run Sencha Designer, because the...
  2. The files that were modified were in the view folder. That's why I reported it as a bug.
  3. The bug seems to be fixed in build 82 that got installed today as an update. Thanks.
  4. What is the role for the .metadata directory? I moved a project to a new location on my disk and opened it but there was nothing in the Designer canvas or Project Inspector. I moved it back and...
  5. I am adding events and custom methods to the view classes that I create, but they often are modified again during export. Usually it is only whitespace that gets added, but sometimes code changes...
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  7. When deploying a new project, if the Deploy Path has not been set, the user is prompted for a path with the file chooser dialog. If you select a directory to deploy to, the absolute path is saved in...
  8. If I open an Ext 4.x project created with Ext Designer 1.2, the design canvas is blank and the Project Inspector is empty. But opening the Project Settings shows the correct settings for the project.
  9. IntelliJ IDEA 10.5 by JetBrains is the IDE that I use.
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    I found that the Grid 'afterrender' event was occurring before the view was ready with the data display, so I changed my code to listen to the grid.View 'refresh' event. Here is a code snippet:

  11. Thanks, but I already applied a very similar patch for detecting IE9.

    I found another post that addresses this same bug in Ext.DomHelper.insertHTML:
  12. The IE9 release candidate reports an exception:
    Object doesn't support property or method 'createContextualFragment'
    when trying to build a window, such as the Hello World Window example...
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