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  1. Yep, this works :) Not ideal but works ..

    i was thinking about another workaround like

    listeners: {
    expandnode: function(n){
  2. It will be good to know where this autosizing is done at least .. I checked all the component to last child

    TreePanel<--Panel<--Container<--ext.BoxComponent<--Component and was unable to find...
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    Sorry .. im probably blind as hell ..

    there is of course this.list.getRootNode().expand(); :))
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    i was able to solve it by myself + i see awesome loaders gif now either :)

    doQuery: function(q, forceAll) {
    if(q.length >= this.minChars){
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    Hi guys,

    i have a problem with calling list.expandAll() function in my treecombo ..
    Basically i'm reloading data in treecombo based on string like some kind of filter -> check code

  6. Btw i've spotted another problem. Check pictures:

    Firefox: Autosizing bug ? Scrollbar overrides a part of text


    Chrome: same as firefox

  7. works!!! thx again .. =D>
  8. Maybe one more thing which you can help me with ..

    I'm styling this component now and want to have border (black ones) around list component which is solved by adding class by

    this.list =...
  9. yep man :) it works .. i was trying maxHeight attribute before but i forgot to set overflow to auto :)

    You've made my day .. thx a lot !!!
  10. Thx willigogs for answer, but problem is that if i set parent panel with some fixed height or fit layout and number of nodes is low number i will see white space which i want to avoid .. therefor it...
  11. Hi guys,
    i've created my own treecombo which extends TriggerField with autosizing for this component. I would like to create some criteria for autosizing like when height > 300 then use hardcoded...
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