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  1. Thanks thats worked for me.
  2. Thanks for your reply Mitchellsomoens. Appreciation of your valuable response.
    This script tag is in store data column but at the rendering time of grid the particular row is not visible.So can you...
  3. Hi,
    I am loading the grid store data using XML. XML contain the script tag like "<script>alert('hi' </script>". Because of this Some columns value is not rendered in grid.
    Can anyone tell how to...
  4. Condor,
    Thank you so much .I was also facing same problem ,this got fixed.
  5. Yes . I am using state that containing information of columns.
  6. Hi,
    I am facing one weird problem that I changed the grid column order and saved column information like column order,column size,locking state ,hide state in database. I destroyed the grid and...
  7. Hi,
    Thanks for your help. Here I want to ask 1 thing as u told after getting values in csv format , have to switch to Excel and point to position to paste the data. In this case I need to create...
  8. Hi,
    Thanks a lot .I got solution this is happening bcz of security measure of Browser. If I will set security low then it works fine.
    I am thinking that this will not be good effort to solve the...
  9. Hi daddie,
    I checked that your code is working fine with Extjs3.0.0 , 3.1 and IE8 but when i tried it with Extjs 3.2.1 and 3.3.1 it saying that
    " Automation server can't create object".
  10. Hi,
    Appreciate your efforts for "Importing data to Excel" development .I looked at your code ,I want to ask that will it support Extjs3.2.1 and IE8.
    I am attaching the folder which is working in...
  11. Hi
    I want to Export data into Excel from Grid using Extjs 3.2.1 and latest browsers. I was able to get work this functionality in Extjs 3.0 and FF4 but not in latest browsers.
    Can anyone help me...
  12. Hi Angelga,

    Thanks for your Efforts for this kinda of brilliant development. I tested this in Extjs 3.2.1 and IE8, Chrome 9.0 and FF7.0..but this is functioning in FF only.Can you please...
  13. Thanks for your reply..I am using same object to create the new grid. so its giving me same properties of previous grid.
    I found solution for it and have to set 1 property 'stateful=false'
  14. Hi,
    I am working with gridpanel. After destroying gridpanel and again creating object of gridpanel , i am getting same attributes of previous gridpanel. As i am changing layout of grid panel by...
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