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  1. Please, mark this as solved.
    Its acually quite simple: I gave the panel an Id and did this :

    Ext.getCmp('main_panel').add({ xtype: 'fieldset',
  2. In the code presented below, I define the layout of a web page. I have a panel and a fieldset within that panel - in this fieldset i have a select field -> when something gets selected in that select...
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    Hi Mitchell!

    Can you please post an example for this feature - I manage to get the cascading when I select something in the source combobox, but the problem is that i doesn't cascade when the page...
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    Hi !

    I'm trying to implement the following behaviour, to have two select fields, first being loaded off from a store, and the second one loaded based on the selected option in the first one. The...
  5. Thanks, Mitchell!

    But between the listener and the db, i need to make some kin of request to the server side and get the data i need. What would be the best practice or doing that (making a...
  6. I'm new to Sencha Touch, and I need to create a form where you can pick from a category from a select box, and after picking it, the form fields coresponding to this category should be generated and...
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