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  1. [Open] Form field id lead the field render error while Window show two times

    I found a bug cause field render error while the Window show two times.
    My ExtJS versioin is 3.3.1

    The Javascript code is following:

    Ext.apply(Ext.form.VTypes, {
  2. [Open] ExtDesigner for Linux 64bit still broken.

    I had post this at the end of "[FIXED] ExtDesigner for Linux 64 Bit seems to be broke"?but the thread is marked as FIXED, so I start a new one.

    If you are using 64bit Linux, try the 32bit version...
  3. At first, the 64bit version Ext Designer is...

    At first, the 64bit version Ext Designer is broken on my ubuntu 11.04 64bit, too.

    ?? [ 13:11 billy3321@billy3321-X200 ]?(~/ExtDesigner-64bit)
    ?? $ ./ExtDesigner
    Loading libion:...
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