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  1. Streaming done

    Thanks for hints everyone. It is working for us now. Pushed data using a vertex server and just refreshed the store of grid at runtime to see realtime updates.
  2. Push with JQuery

    Hi, we are also working on the issue. We have to show push data in a grid. Is there still nothing available to implment server push mechanism in Sencha? If not, then is it possible to it through...
  3. Replies

    Tear off window

    Hi. We are developing an application with EXT JS and using it as a native app by packaging it through Desktop Packager. In main page of application we can open multiple widgets with click of...
  4. Sencha EXTJS with Desktop Packager or Flex with Adobe Air

    Hi. This question may sound a little vague, but just wanted to know if based on your experiance you can provide some suggestions on this.
    We are having a requirement to build a very big and Rich UI...
  5. AJAX or Webservices call from Desktop packaged application

    Hi. Is it possible to make a AJAX or webservices call from a application developed using Sencha EXT JS components and packaged as Desktop application using Sencha Desktop Packager. We tried to call a...
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