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  1. setting draggable config to Ext.util.ComponentDraggable

    Does the delegate on the Ext.util.ComponentDraggable need to be defined? Looking at the docs, it seems like it's optional, but when I use it instead of just marking the draggable field to "true", I...
  2. does Ext.draw.Component have a body defined?

    I switched from a normal panel to a Ext.draw.Component and my dropTarget no longer works because it seems the body attribute is no longer defined in the afterRender section. Does Ext.draw.Component...
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    Thank you, but my question wasn't where to find...

    Thank you, but my question wasn't where to find the docs. If the listeners for a given component are shown in the docs, where are they located.
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    finding events for a given component

    How can I see programmatically or in the docs view the available listeners for a given component? For example, on a treepanel I can add "load" listener to the config when I create it, but I wouldn't...
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    draggable events for a panel

    Is there a listener for an end-of-drag event when I make a given panel "draggable"? I've found I can make a panel draggable around inside another panel by enabling the "draggable" attribute in its...
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    panel position of treepanel node

    Is there a way to determine the (x,y) pixel position of a node in a treepanel in relation to the panel element?
  7. dragging a treepanel node onto a regular panel

    How does one handle a drop event from a treepanel to a normal panel? I've seen many examples using treepanels to gridpanels, but nothing related to normal panels, which don't seem to have a special...
  8. treepanel requerying proxy when expanding children

    I have a TreeStore that feeds into a TreePanel using a json proxy, but it requeries the server when I try to expand root children even though the entire tree has been sent I understand the...
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    return value for json failure

    I'm having trouble returning from python an error code that extjs accepts has a valid error. I was using

    web.header('Content-Type', 'text/plain') # this mime-type is a guess ...
  10. Where does ExtJS determine the URL from?

    I'm running off of an apache server using mod_wsgi and for my app. I've been using firebug to debug my javascript, and I noticed all of the sudden that all my JSON requests are failing. ...
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