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  1. You'll have to post your code with the issue.

    Also why are you adding components post render?
    More efficient if you do it earlier in the lifecycle so you don't get multiple layout runs and reflows
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    Our ExtJS desktop app is available on tablet to the sales and service teams to do data entry and it works really well.
    Users can customize their forms and they have a simplified quote and service...
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    Agreed many back office users have no need for a tablet experience more the sales and service team and finance and executive that find the tablet invaluable.
  4. Hi - what version of ExtJS and can your reproduce it in a fiddle?

    Also you will need to post your code.

    Given the monitor instance is created in the Basic.js...
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    Use the action column -!/api/Ext.grid.column.Action
  6. Found it !!

    You can turn that column off like so - set rowSelect config to false.

    selModel: {
    type: 'spreadsheet',
    rowSelect: false
  7. Thanks for updating your fiddle
  8. Hi Tomi,

    Looking at your fiddle example it works fine.

    With ID column config set to hidden, it is in fact hidden.

    When the config for hidden is removed.

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    I would start by first removing the use of 'id' in your code as EPV suggested.
    This can cause issues with queries as the id can only be used once and you state you have multiple panels with the same...
  10. What are you typing into the console?

    What is the code for the random textfield combobox?
  11. you'll need to post your code
  12. See my example in my post.

    you can now call getNow('textfield' 'myGreatTextfield');
  13. HI the link again -!/api/Ext.container.Container-method-query

    Yes you can extend your function:

    var getNow= function(cmpType, cmpName) {
  14. See!/api/Ext.grid.filters.filter.ListSet the value config on the filter object.

    From the api example see the column definition for 'Rating'. Its...
  15. Hi the component query selector needs to use the passed in parameter i.e.
    Change to the code sample below.

    Also unless you're looking for every combobox with that name in your application I would...
  16. Yes I already know about the forum search thats not the issue.

    The universal search I am aware of as well - This searches across blog posts AND forum threads

    In the old website there was a...
  17. ok its s search box that searches ALL of Sencha and includes forum posts.
    I dont want this I want to search BLOG posts only.

    The blog page used to have its own search box that searched ONLY blog...
  18. Hi, Yes I spotted that search box but it searches across all Sencha and includes forum posts.

    I used to be able to search just blog posts
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    Agree with Anton. The chrome debugger is perfect for this.
    With the timeline memory heap chart, node count and event count with profiling memory heap snapshots you should be able to find the leaks....
  20. Hi,

    In the old website I esed to be able to search blog posts - I cant seem tot find the search field anymore. Has this feature been removed or am I blind?
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    Sorry what would you like help with specifically?
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    Can you provide more information please - be a little more specific.

    Datastore data? Form data?
  23. Post all your code please - particularly your store, and grid configuration
  24. Hi,

    Id say the cell editor component is getting a focus without selectOnFocus set.

    edit.getCmp().selectOnFocus = true;
  25. Hi wrap your code in code tags so its readable
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