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  1. [INFOREQ] New Instance of View created

    The problem occurs somehow because a new instance of the view is created that is not tied to the controller set up within sencha designer.

    It looks like this new instance creation is only...
  2. [INFOREQ] Button doesn't work on view when Navigation View pops twice.

    Hi there.
    i have a problem with navigation view when i pop twice. when i then push to a new view none of the buttons within that view are listened to on tap.

    has anyone had any similar problems....
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    [FIXED] Changing reference

    thanks for all of your help.
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    [FIXED] Changing reference

    Hi there.
    what do you mean by 'changing reference' in designer??

  5. upgraded to Beta 2 and set NavigationView autoDestroy to false

    Hi Don.
    updating to Beta 2 and setting autoDestroy fixed the thing.
    thanks for all your help mate.
  6. getValues() not working on second push of a view.

    I have a problem,
    i am storing values in Field sets that i need to reference within a site.
    when we first push the view on the stack i can reference all values but when i then
    pop and push the...
  7. just updated to beta 1 and it is now fixed....

    just updated to beta 1 and it is now fixed.
    thanks so much for your time ed its much appreciated

    loving the sencha dev....

  8. i am also using 2.0 PR4...

    i am also using
    2.0 PR4...
  9. Navigation View pop View breaks controllers config listeners.

    I have a problem with my NavigationView seeming to disconnect the ViewA-ControllerA connection when ViewA is popped from Navigation.

    I have a LoginView that i load in by using

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