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  1. Ah! Silly me... "pro" == "protected" and callParent()/callOverridden() were hidden because the doc filters were set to not show protected items. Derp.
  2. I just did a search in the API docs site for callParent() and callOverridden() and have a couple of questions:

    1. They show up in the search results with a "pro" label next to them--what does that...
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    You can configure your column to use a renderer that, in addition to returning the value shown in the cell, can modify the <td> element surrounding the cell. Specifically, you can add the "data-qtip"...
  4. Does anyone have an actual example of how to do this with ExtJS 4? I've tied extending the column class and adding a ProgressBar as a child item, but it doesn't work.

  5. In case anyone else comes across this in the future, note that the issue seems to be that ExtJS 4.0.x uses custom scrollbars--something that's been discontinued in 4.1 (i.e., 4.1 uses native scroll...
  6. I have a tree panel and am trying to do an animated scroll to certain locations. I'm using myTreePanel.getView().getEl().scrollTo('top', yCoord, true) to do this.

    The view does scroll down to the...
  7. I have an Ext.grid.Panel (aka gridpanel) with a store, used only for "visual effect" (i.e., nothing gets saved to the server). When I create new model instances and add them to the store they are...
  8. msims to the rescue (again)--thanks!
  9. Hi. I have a grid panel which uses a RowEditing plugin configured as follows:

    var rowEditing = Ext.create('Ext.grid.plugin.RowEditing', {
    clicksToMoveEditor: 1

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    I'm not sure if this is relevant, but if you look at the source for Connection.request you'll see that it only tries to use a cross-domain request for IE 8+:

    if ((options.cors === true || me.cors...
  11. Found a solution (although still open to hearing other ideas).

    First, you can call a store's load() function with a config object that will be passed to an operation. The API docs for...
  12. For example, say I have a server API for loading people that handles requests like this: GET /people/?id=101,329,27

    I'd like to build a Store (probably a custom class that extends
  13. Solution: use layout=auto instead of vbox. If anyone is curious:

    Thanks to tvanzoelen for...
  14. I have a form panel with autoScroll=true, but the scrollbars aren't showing up. There's a working example of it here that anyone can fork and modify: (also,...
  15. I've been told by one of the Sencha developers that there's a ticket in Jira (EXTJSIV-28) for adding filtering to tree, scheduled for 4.1.
  16. I'm using KeyMap to intercept Alt+F keyboard events. In IE8, I'm unable to prevent the event from propagating and causing the browser's File menu to be shown.

    Runnable test case:...
  17. Here's the solution that I'm using (again, you can actually try running/modifying it here:

    Ext.define('MyMenuItem', { extend : '',
  18. Thanks! Funny, I was just trying the same thing. It does work--I have a working example here: (a few cosmetic kinks to work out, but functional)
  19. I'd like to make a menu (i.e., where the items include a right-aligned keyboard shortcut--something like this:


    I can't find an obvious/out-of-box way to do this with...
  20. For anyone else who comes across this, the work-around I think Mitchell is suggesting involves setting the reader similar to as follows (i.e., using setReader() in the constructor instead of defining...
  21. Hey Mitchell, thanks for taking a look at this.

    To be clear, I only see this problem if "ModelA" is defined before "ModelB". When I reload my application, sometimes ModelB is defined first; in...
  22. Note that a temporary work-around I've found is to hard-code the proxy config portion of each model class with the model class name. For example:

    Ext.define('MyAModel', {
  23. I believe the following scenario reveals a bug:
    Define a model class, ModelA, with a proxy config
    Define another model class, ModelB, also with a proxy config
    Call ModelB.load(...)
    Issue: The...
  24. That works! I don't know how--all the other functions I tried on the component and/or element regarding width didn't work--but I'll take it! Thanks!
  25. What's the best way to get a floating component to "shrink" to the width of its contents (a single line of text) and center horizontally?

    What I'm doing now is *not* specifying a width for the...
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