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  1. "Store isn't a Component - it inherits directly from Ext.Base, so I wouldn't expect ComponentQuery to find one."
    So is there any way to find out total number of stores used in loading the page.?
  2. Hi I tried the same code works in Firefox but it is not working in IE8 .Any Ideas why so?
    i also tried changing color to red.
  3. I want to get all Ext.MessageBox.alert() across application and set it to new position.
    We have many jsp pages in our application , in which we have used Ext.MessageBox.alert(), now the requirement...
  4. Did the Same but getting below error:

    TypeError: this.el.child(...) is null
    [Break On This Error]


  5. @businessman332211 Any Progress with this?coz i have same issue..!!
  6. hi,
    This is a novice question but i am in serious need of it :-?
    Q: I have this xtype:datefield which is rendering me a calendar ,i have just changed the default color of the calendar and text...
  7. Problem : >:)
    I have a tree of objects called POS(as main nodes) and Expansion of them i have different objects(MIDS). POS tree is getting displayed but when i expand it (MID) node specific...
  8. Accepted ..but even though store11.getCount() should return me data count in store right?
  9. Problem: I have a Grid 'A' which has some items with check box , once we click on the 'Customize' button on this page a new window 'custZoneName' will open containing a grid with 2 columns , 1st...
  10. Thanks Scott ..!!:D
  11. <%@taglib uri="" prefix="spring"%>
    <%@taglib uri="" prefix="form"%>

    <link rel="stylesheet"...
  12. Thanks Scott that worked but icons are not getting displaying..
    i am getting following-->>
    In Firebug :

    <img class="x-tree-elbow-empty"...
  13. I have a class called Zone1s in java which has 2 fields text(name of zone) and list of Zone1s. when i convert it to json i get following response :

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