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  1. Hi,
    I'm wondering if it is possible to organize the packages folder structure as:

  2. Thanks,
    The 6.0 Nightly works as expected, it will be the 6.0.3?
  3. Hi,
    After update my application crash in "onIdChanged" when call sync() in ManyToOne associated models.
    This is the sencha fiddle test case:

    Tank you
  4. Hi, we just installed SA 3.5.1 and upgrade our project to ExtJs 6.0.2
    Now we found an incompatibility between our override code and the new framework and don't have time to investigate the fix now....
  5. Solved, We just downloaded the trial version and installed over the 3.5.0. Now everything is ok. Thanks for the support.
  6. Unfortunately the subscription is expired... and we can't download the update.
    If I run as administrator SA says that is unable to establish internet connection!
    Strange behaviour, I am able to...
  7. The space on disk is ok,
    I'm running with Windows 7 64-bit
    May be an proxy problem?
  8. Hi,
    During the update the process stops with
    "ERROR CODE: 3
    File IO Error: Error occurred while writing file to disk.
    Any suggestion...
  9. Solved turning off the image slicing as suggested in this thread: Now the question is... Disabling the slicing, there will be some issues in the...
  10. Hi
    After I have upgraded my app (Architect made everything automatically) I'm not able to build anymore...
    This is the error log

    [ERR] loading page...
  11. Any news about the release ?
  12. Hi,

    I have my project currently running with Ext 5.1.0 how can I upgrade to 5.1.1?
    There is some way inside SA or I have to configure CMD via command line?

  13. Hi,
    Any chance to have this one fixed in some 5.x patch?
    We have delivered our application hoping that will be fixed, it's a very annoying bug.
    Some workaround instead!
  14. Good advice... now everything is ok. Thanks (Grazie Mille)
  15. Hi,
    I have created an override of combobox using the "Create override of this class" command, SA automatically have created combobox.js file under the Resources node, after saving the project I...
  16. Hi,
    I want to bind click event to every <div class="delete-icon"></div>
    It would be great to get in the event callback also the record reference.
    What is the technique to achieve this in SA3?
  17. Bump Can anyone from the sencha dev team please take a look at this issue or anyone who has any input. Thanks.
  18. Hi all,
    I'm trying to implement REST client that manage CRUD operations with nested JSON model.
    Everything il loaded correctly, I can see the store with the associated records.
    When I made some...
  19. Hi
    Sound strange that it's only my issue..
    Nobody have tried?
    One step forward,I have modified the code of as follows adding...
  20. Hi,
    Creating a window using this code when collapsing the east panel in IE8 I receive the Error: 'style' is null or not an object
    Is a known issue?
    Thanks in advance

  21. Replies
    I'm trying to put a color on my axis labels using label color property but has no effect.
    Is it possible?

    axes: [
    type: 'Numeric',
  22. Replies
    I have problem displaying column chart with negative numbers.

    Using this code:

    var store = Ext.create('', {
    fields: ['name', 'data1'],
    data: [
  23. Hi

    Refresh this thread because now this problem make my application fail when run under IE and my customers are not very happy.
    Anyone can help me!
  24. Hi,

    I'm using Ext.Ajax.request with xdomain:true
    When receiving from the server "404 Page Not Found" under Firefox the failure event is fired,under IE none event is fired.
    Anyone have found the...
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    I'm trying to implement file upload in my web application.
    I have followed api documentation and used FileUploadField extension.
    Here is my code:

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