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  1. Sencha Cmd -
    Sencha ExtJS - ext-6.0.1-commercial

  2. Hi,

    First up all thanks for this wonderful tool.

    In order to try this, downloaded and installed Sencha Test free trial. While creating application, its showing "Error Code - 65".

    I was...
  3. Hi,

    I wanted to add "Login" button at ios keyboard and listen the control back to Sencha Touch as shown below, can anybody suggest the possible approach,

    In attached image instead of "Done" I...
  4. Hi, thanks for responding.

    Is this issue resolved, due to this am not able to progress on any of my new application development.

    I am using Licensed version.

    Kindly guide on this so that I...
  5. Hi,

    Using Sencha Architect 3.1 with MacBook Pro (Mavericks) and trying to create Sencha Touch app, its crashes. Even not able to open any other application as well in Architect.

    Following are...
  6. I solved this by overriding the list view.Use "Create Override" button in architect to override your list in application and add following line -


  7. Hello,

    I want to use the sortablelist plugin with Sencha Architect 3.0.4, but saw that for plugins config under list component architect showing only two plugins i.e. List paging and Pull refresh....
  8. Hello,

    I am overriding the 'Ext.grid.column.Template' and creating my own custom column as 'Test.view.TestColumn' in Architect 3.04.
    Now I created an sample grid with architect and want to...
  9. Hi,

    Thanks for reply.

    Yes added Ext.device.filesystem.Cordova under requires, but still not working on Android emulator.
    I will give try for remote debugging.

  10. Hello,

    How to use Ext.device.filesystem.Cordova API ?

    I did following but not working:
    Created the Sencha Touch app with 2.3
    Cordova init for app done
    Added file and filetransfer plugin...
  11. How to generate the inline example for Sencha Touch using JSDuck ?

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    Hello gkatz,

    My self also want to achieve same thing.

    I converted everything to RTL mode, but facing issue in toggle, can you please suggest what changes exactly we need to make toggle work in...
  14. Thanks for the suggestion,

    I overrided the animate function from Ext.navigation.Bar, now it is working fine, but during back button it is not working.

    Here is the more details

    I am trying to...
  15. Hello Sencha Team,

    I am not able to create an sencha app using sdk, I am following the instructions given at following link!/guide/getting_started

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    Can we use this with selenium IDE to automate the selenium scripts recording ? How?

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