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  1. Steps:
    1. Download plugin from
    2. Add the JavaScript resource link [Ux.InputTextMask.js] to your project [how to..].
    3. On the properties panel of your...
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    I got this on star up after selecting my project:
    TypeError: JSON.stringify cannot serialize cyclic structures.

    Source Class:...
  3. the steps I described before were the ones I followed, I tried too, and it never came up again, if it happens again I will let you now.
    Thank you very much for your support on this matter.
  4. after creating two functions with one parameter, try to add a second parameter to one of the functions, then save, try to erase one of the parameters, and there is where it crashed.

    That is the...
  5. Got this TypeError: 'undefined' is not an object (evaluating 'this.opening.update') when removing a parameter from a function.
  6. Hi, there, I tried Ext.ux.UploadDialog on 3.0 and it fails....
    just to update the not compatible list of extensions...
    see ya
  7. It does work with ExtJs 3.0 ??? I cant make it works...
  8. Hi there, as a part of a research paper about software, I need to specify some improvements I would like to make to specific software and get the comments about them from normal users. I choose Ext...
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    Hi, I had the same issue, I came up with this code please let me know if it make sense to you guys..

    1. Add a save button to the toolBar (it should be set to disabled:true)
    2. then add the...
  10. quite enough, but I found that even I did not get the error any more, when I tried to save the data from the text on the tinyMCE to my database using and ajaxrequest, only certain number of...
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    Gracias era lo que necesitaba...saludos
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    hola que tal, tengo un form que ingresa datos a una base mysql, luego los trae para editar si es necesario, todo el file .php y la base de datos estan en utf-8, el econding de la pagina es de utf-8...
  13. Hi, yes, it is loaded on a web server... what I did is follow a not fancy solution, instead of using the hide() function I reload the page with location.href=location.href so it renders all and no...
  14. Hi guys, I have this code

    createForm = new Ext.form.FormPanel({
    baseCls: 'x-plain',
    border: true,
    defaultType: 'textfield',
  15. Hi, from the above post, the debuger points to this code section on tiny_mce_src.js:

    getBody : function() {
    return this.bodyElement || this.getDoc().body;
    IE7 blames that function for...
  16. Hi, first, great code, congrats to all the support team...
    Secon I have this code

    addCable = new Ext.Window({
  17. Hi there I am using your example I did as follow

    after include the js file then I have

    var fckeditorObject = new Ext.ux.FCKeditor({
    Name: 'cableBodyValue'
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    that was what I was looking for.....

    thank you....
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    Hi, I am trying to put a viewport inside a window like this

    var templates = new Ext.Window({
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    lol... I told was a rookie question..

    Thanks... a lot.
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    Hi there, maybe this is a rookie question, ... when I use listeners I have to asociate and event and then a function, but where can I get the list of events...??? for example, in some pieces of code...
  22. Hi Folks, I hope somebody could help me on this....

    I have this :

    var record_pais = new[{name: 'codi_pais'},{name: 'nomb_pais'}]);
    var proxy_pais = new...
  23. Thanks for the tip, I was talking about the problem when you click on cancel or finish and you can't get the wizard back, instead of close(), I use hide() but when I do the show() all the fields...
  24. I had the same problem what I did was to use wizard.hide() and then a function to clear the fields
  25. Hi, first, this is a great wizard, I download it, plug it ,and it starts working fine....

    I have this litle problem, messing arround with the code, I was trying to insert some textfields in a...
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