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    i had the same problem with Sencha touch 2, Phonegap 1.5 and a Galaxy Nexus.

    It seems that the dynamic loading of views/controllers and so on is not working.

    Since you package you app in a...
  2. Okay for the pop() and push() but I don't want to re-create my view.

    The documentation is saying I can use setActiveItem to change between existing views.

    I think the title should change, and...
  3. hi,
    In the senchatouch2 final version, the setActiveItem method of navigationView is not properly changing the title of its navigationBar.

    see code below :

  4. I have the same problem with setActiveItem : the title is not changing :

    Look at this small code, when I click on the back button, the title is changing. but when I click on the button that calls...
  5. Hi,

    Good news : I can't reproduce this with the new sencha touch 2 release.
    I think you can close this isssue now.

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    If you are in a classical web app, the device back button should do the "history.back()" stuff.

    But if you are in a phonegap environnement it won't.
    In your phonegap android handler you can...
  7. sorry, there is so many senchatouch possible implementations.

    the this.getHistory().addBeforeListener(), were only some ideas of another user. my answer was just below.

    the setActiveItem method...
  8. in my case i am using MVC and routes, so doing an history.back() on the back button has sense.

    on this other thread, i just posted an answer on how to redefine the back button action to go back in...
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    hurray !

    I got the back button card animation working good with routes enabled : here is how :

    all my routes are calling one method called 'showview' wich display the good view.

    on the...
  10. sorry guys, I'm a bit overbooked. I still have the problem so I will try to create a testcase as soon as possible (this week i hope)
  11. hi,
    I am using senchatouch with phonegap and its webSQL API to access a local database and fill my views with it.

    I was using ST2 PR4, and then ST Beta and now i'm trying to move to the RC, but :...
  12. I have noticed that activeitemchange was fired before the animation between cards started. Is there a way to have an event when the view is fully visible : when the animation between views ended ?...
  13. Hi !
    I work with phonegap in a webview and I am trying to have a list of 600 contacts items list with correct performance on old phones (I'm testing on an iPod Touch 2nd generation and an android...
  14. thanks for the advice !

    when you talk about collision, you mean : collisions with the id of other components? something else?
    maybe a class or an id on the body is safer ?
  15. I don't find natural that, when we set all our routes and use them everywhere, the back button doesn't rely on this history management.

    For thoses interested, here is how to have a back button...
  16. you can also specify an id on your main component.
    This will create a div with this same id in the HTML dom,

    Then, there is a chance that if you put this id before your CSS selector, you will...
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    I think that if your routes are OK, then you could use "window.history.back();" and it will go back to the last url/route.

    (but take my advice with care because I am quite novice in senchatouch.)
  18. I use senchatouch with phonegap and was very interested in reducing the starting time of my app on old devices.

    I used the technique described here to create my application production file and it...
  19. did you manage to make a proper production file?
    or is the asynchronous trick the only way to have a "fast" startup time ?
  20. thanks luismerino, it worked for me too !

    Anybody know why is groupTpl so hard to use now? is there another "official and better" way to customize group headers?
  21. another way of handling the back action, without using history and only in the case of an app based on a navigationView is to do

    in the phonegap onBackKeyDown event...
  22. For thoses who are a bit lost like I was, here is what I've done :

    My app is based around a big navigationView with an id of 'app'.
    in my main controller I added two routes :

  23. thank you for the replies and thank you for the link !!

    I was only using the pr4-docs which does not contain any documentation about routes. The snippet I pasted first was (yes, sorry) an extract...
  24. Hi,

    I am developing an app for ios and android with senchatouch and phonegap.
    I need to handle the hardware back button of android phones.

    In phonegap i can do :

    //Define a handler for...
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