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  1. Is there a solution for this yet?
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    We're experiencing the same thing :(
  3. First of all, I am a premium member, and do not think my thread should have been moved to the general Architect Forums.

    However, I am still looking for a solution to this, so if anyone here has...
  4. Hey guys,

    I need to globally disable overscroll ONLY on android devices. I've googled and googled and can't figure out how I would do this using Sencha Architect. My entire project is built in...
  5. Well, in my situation, it wasn't happening in SA, but when I tried to open the app in the browser after bundling it. It ended up being because Sencha Command wasn't including the Pull to Refresh...
  6. This bug also happens to me when I use Sencha Architect to bundle my project for deployment. Any way around this?

  7. I got the app to load, but have no idea what I did to get it to work.

    Lots and LOTS of things in my app do not seem to work correctly any longer. I'm using Sencha Architect, so creating a new...
  8. I am also having this issue. Did you figure out how to solve the blank page?
  9. Turns out it was a few things:

    1) The new Architect has debugging turned off by default. I needed to turn it back on.
    2) My class Overrides were not migrated properly during the upgrade, so (now...
  10. I realize that this post is scarce on the details, but I'm not sure what other information I can provide. I had a perfectly working project, and after upgrading Sencha Architect, nothing loads.

  11. I just updated Sencha Architect and now my app just shows a blank white screen and doesn't seem to call the "launch" function.

    Has anyone else experienced this?
  12. There tons of features in Sencha Architect that override "standard behavior". This is one example where something that is commonly overridden is not easy to override is Sencha Architect. I took the...
  13. There are a lot of things I can do Outside of SA, but I want to do it INSIDE of SA. If the way I did it is the only way possible, then I would consider it a bug.
  14. Here's my solution. I don't like that you have to override a Model, to do this small a change to the buildUrl function on the proxy, but I couldn't get it to work any other way. Also, another quirk...
  15. I'm having a hard time overriding the 'buildUrl(request)' function on a RestProxy in Sencha Architect. Does anyone know how to do this?

  16. I agree, and I think it should be considered a bug, but its not going to be something straightforward to fix for the Sencha team.

    However, its fairly simple to bind the action to something other...
  17. Thanks for the tip! I had resorted to just adding the listeners manually when I created the panel, but I'd much rather keep things organized with controller actions.
  18. I'm having a lot of problems with this same issue. I am defining an Event on my controller to fire every time a panel is initialized. It only ever fires the FIRST TIME the panel is...
  19. Has this functionality been added in the version included with Sencha Architect? If so, I'm a little unclear on how to actually use it.

    var newView = Ext.create('MyApp.view.MainTabPanel',...
  20. If I just put a "drag" listener on the element, I can catch the events. If I use Ext.util.Draggable like the Drag/Drop example, to watch for drag events, it does not seem to work.

  21. I can trigger a drag event on the element, but I can't trigger any drag events using Ext.util.Draggable.
  22. I'm trying to reorder a list of panels in Sencha Touch 2 with drag-drop behavior. I've had zero success getting Ext.util.Draggable to work at all in PR3. Does anyone have any recommendations on the...
  23. Just throwing in my 2 cents. I'm also experiencing this issue. I'm temporarily getting around it by removing the panel after a short timeout. It's ugly, so hopefully there will be a better way to do...
  24. I basically have some dynamic panels are customized when initialized based on an attribute of a parent panel. Would be nice if it were possible to access the parents when initializing something.
  25. Any chance you could post the code/patch that fixed this so people like me could use an override to get this functionality in the interim?
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