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  1. I'm shooting from the hip here, I've been off in c# land for the last few months, but as I recall the reader doesn't need the fields... try replacing

    var reader = new{
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    A quick note: it was mentioned that the API was being "standardized" and would be changed at some point before final. The thing to remember here is that you are dealing with "pre-release" code. While...
  3. Was able to make this happen with some of the B2 Examples as well so it looks like it's not a regression.
  4. That was my assumption on it as well, however it seems odd that it isn't happening on Mac. I'll give it a look when I have access to my Mac and Linux test boxes later today.
  5. When playing with the simple MVC example I noticed when clicking on the "drop down" button on the e-mail column header causes the view to "wander" around a bit, repeated clicks cause more wandering...
  6. There was a similar post a day or 2 ago about treestore and insert. There are forth coming additions to treestore, I'm thinking this is likely to be one of said changes. That said you could (for the...
  7. Wow Animal you are on fire today ;)
  8. you could just do...

    legend: {
    position: 'right',
    labelFont: '8px Arial',
    itemSpacing: 10,
    boxStroke: undefined
  9. Sadly I couldn't watch the video here at work. I know what you were getting at with your post about the >b2, it was just the timing of the two posts that made me smile. :) I most certainly wasn't...
  10. The irony here was to amusing to me not to post ;)

    your example code has a minor flaw

    Ext.create('Ext.Window', {
    width: 800,
    height: 250,
    title: 'Gauge Charts',
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    I've bumped into this so many times, but had never actually tracked down the root of it!
  12. When looking at the Example found here. (note the labels wonder based on length, "May" appears to be under it's tick where as "Feburary" is out to the outer edge of it's respective bar) the category...
  13. Slightly updating the code above...

    layout: 'hbox',
    items: [{
    xtype: 'panel',
    flex: 1
  14. Even in the case you are describing it's generally a fixed height. I've never seen a property grid resize to show all of the possible properties. Instead I've seen something more like (pardon the...
  15. You do not have to specify an absolute height, relative heights also will work. (this means within say a vbox layout specifying 'flex' will take care of the height of your grid)

    From an...
  16. The Dev's have said that the release following Beta 2 will include the MVC Framework as well as examples of it in use.
  17. Just to be 100% clear, there will be node.insert() in a coming release?
  18. this is awesome! I'm very much looking forward to play with these changes!
  19. That's great! I had thought about using the renderer to round off the data however wasn't sure if this could/would lead to potential anomalies with the chart rendering. (Such as a bar rendering to...
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    Another thought that just occurred to me, ie:8 should be using VML not SVG, have you used the developer tools in IE:8 to verify that it is trying to add a VML object to your DOM.
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    Have you run into issues like this else where with SVG? I've tried on a number of computers all with different configs and IE:8 and have yet to encounter this script error.
  22. Exactly, that was the point of the reply before the one with the 0,0.5,1.0,1.5, etc.

    there needs to be a setting for "numberOfTicks" or "tickInterval" or some other option that achieves the same...
  23. as just a stab in the dark here, the white corners in that image could be that the panel/window back ground is white and showing though the "empty space" left by the rounded corner.
  24. That said, with this config

    id: 'chartCmp',
    xtype: 'chart',
    animate: true,
    shadow: true,
    store: store,
  25. As of right now, it seems that there are a number of control options that just aren't available/implemented in the charting system. (note: this is speculation based on my toying with them over the...
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