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  1. Hi,
    my native android app wont start. It runs very smoothly when I access the app directly via android browser, no matter if i try the testing or production build.

    The packaged native android app...
  2. Hi,

    i have the following scenario:

    In my app the user can search for products. The result are saved in store called 'Search' and are displayed via a Ext.dataview.List-Component. This component...
  3. Is there any way to whitelist some hosts at native packaging?

    My app is pulling data via ajax and i cant find a feature like 'External Hosts' in phonegap!?

  4. Thank you very much! Its working
  5. Hi,

    iam trying to reset the extraParams value of my proxy. How to do this?

    I also tried to recreate the proxy (via Ext.create()) and set it to the store via store.setProxy(), but when i do this...
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