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  1. My requirement is to edit the multiple rows at a time in grid( without saving the each row after editing it)....

    I need to allow the user to save all the changes in the grid with a save/update...
  2. Ext.getCmp('your check box name').getValue()--- gives true if checked else false.

    how to get the input value of check box that was assigned as property?

    Thanks in Advance!
  3. It saved my time....
  4. Listeners: //Listeners of the form in my case, you can write as 'onRendr' for your grid
  5. Replies
    I am getting json data from server i wish to add that data to fill the store and this store data bind to grid.
    I need source of creating store, syntax and example of dynamic cellmodel and using the...
  6. Ext.onReady(function () {
    var form = Ext.create('widget.panel', {

    renderTo: 'form1',
    items: [{
    layout: 'hbox',
    border: 0,
    items: [{
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