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  1. Hi there,

    Tag is the html element that will get created. Reference is the name that you can use to access this tag.

    In your example, you are creating a <form> element.

    To access this form in...
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    So, I was able to create a new radio button class to do this:

    Ext.define('GS.view.formfields.Radio', {
    extend: "Ext.field.Radio",

    xtype: 'formfieldsradio',
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    I need to add an extra "sub-label" to the radio button field. How would I go about doing that?

    When I use the radio field, it gives me a chance to set the label very nicely. However, I also want...
  4. Turned out when I was following the tutorial for "get started", i turned off the css for carousel...

    Thanks everyone!
  5. Hi all,

    I have created a carousel that will have several items. One of which is a form panel. But, when I do that, the card is an empty one...

    Ext.define('GS.view.decision.DecisionDeck', {
  6. Hi all!

    One solution that I came up with is the need of 2 stores. I need a store to load my decision object and another store to load my "choices".

    I came across this site:...
  7. Hi All!

    New to touch! Love it so far!

    I have this question regarding how work around store.

    So I have this "question" object from JSON that reads like this:
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