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  1. Sorry. I've found it's our problem, not GXT's. Will try to be more thorough before posting next time. Thanks again.
  2. Before. Thanks for the quick reply!
  3. cm is the grid's ColumnModel.
  4. Hi folks. It appears that cm.getColumn(0).setHidden(true) now hides the header for the first column of a grid, but the associated data in the first column still shows up. Has anyone else reported...
  5. Hi folks. We're getting several EditorGrid problems using FireFox. We know a bare implementation of an EditorGrid works OK. But embedded in our product, it's failing to render (appropriate)...
  6. Hi folks. My first post. Be nice!

    I need to show the contents all columns in a grid row in the tooltip when the user mouses over the row (after a slight delay.)

    Can Events.ONMOUSEOVER return...
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