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    No configs at all.
    And it doesn't work w/o my css either.
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    Note that if you do a quick tap on the done button it works. If you do a longer tap, it doesn't.
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    Version: Sencha Touch 2.3
    Target: iOS 6 - 7
    Frameworks: Cordova 3.4


    After making selections and tapping the 'Done' button the picker reverts back to the original values.
    I'm unable...
  4. I have further information on this issue, it seems that it happens when you hold the 'Done' button down long instead of a quick tap. If you hold it for more than a fraction of a second, it puts the...
  5. Also, it seems to not work on subsequent attempts to change the selection. So on the first time I use the selectfield, it updates when you tap done. If you open it a second, third+ time, it won't...
  6. The weird thing is, that the picker portion works fine in the datepicker but not the selectfield
  7. And the CSS used to change the appearance:

    * Picker
    .x-picker .x-button {
    top: -5px;
    background: #dddddd !important;
    border: none !important;
  8. Here's the visual. I'll try to get a fiddle to reproduce.

  9. Here's the entire form panel:

    // PlayerEditor Panel
    Ext.define('App.view.PlayerEditor', {
    extend: 'Ext.form.Panel',
    config: {
    id: 'PlayerEditor',
  10. On submit
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    I'm using sencha 2.3 and developing an iOS 7 app. The keyup event isn't returning any keycodes. I'm using the following listener:

    textfield: {
    keyup: function (f, e) {
  12. Cordova iOS 7
  13. I set the <body> background color to black and it seems to have fixed the issue.
  14. I'm developing an iOS app with Phonegap 3.1 and it needs to be in both landscape and portrait. When I rotate the app and it resizes, I noticed that the area where the container is stretching to is...
  15. After digging into the sencha-touch-all.js I found that the picker isn't updating it's value when an item is selected. I added a listener on the picker itself and listened for the select and then...
  16. I have the following selectfield:

    xtype: 'selectfield',
    label: 'Gender',
    name: 'gender',
    usePicker: true,
    valueField: 'value',
    options: [
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    How do you get a textfield by it's name value.

    I've tried:


    But that doesn't seem to work.
  18. The textfield receives focus again when the clearicon is taped.
  19. This bug is still present in 2.2

    Any idea when it will be fixed?
  20. Calling .reset() after the doSetDisabled(false) seems to remove the X's but it's weird that they show up initially.
  21. Whenever I call the doSetDisabled() function on a formpanel it shows the X's to clear the value of the textfield when the placeHolder is set.

    Is there a way to hide them?

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    Figured it out:

    .x-list-pullrefresh-arrow {
    background: center center url('assets/pullarrow.png') no-repeat !important;
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    I've been trying to change the arrow for the PullRefresh plugin and was able to find it's scss file and include it into my theme and change it there, but the arrow still is the default black. So I...
  24. I noticed that the documentation for the PullRefresh plugin has an event called 'latestfeteched' when it should be 'latestfetched'. The typo is also in the source of the plugin so be sure to use the...
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    I ended up disabling the search field and then enabling it 600 ms later via setTimeout(); Hackish I know but I can't find anything else =\
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