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  1. yes!!!!!!!
    problem solved. thank you!! :D:D:D:D:D
  2. hi all,
    I have a grid (ajax proxy) with paging toolbar and I would insert a default record in that grid everytime after the store load. My problem is when store is empty after load, the paging...
  3. i added lastQuery: '' in my combobox config and solve the problem.
    thanks scott!! :)):)):))
  4. thank you!!!! :)):)):))
  5. Thanks for replying! scott!
    here i add the some new code in blue to my original code.
    1. additional field 'store_id' to my store model, just for the filtering
    2. global variable store_id for to...
  6. Hi guys,
    is there a way i can assign different stor for cellEditing combobox in the same column in a gridpanel??
    I try to create a gridpanel that has 3 columns: brand, model, and resolution.
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