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  1. Well, finally I was able to resolve by myself.

    I just needed to control how many calls my application needs to handle. I used the ExtJS's beforesync event:

    beforesync( Object options, Object...
  2. Hi,
    The thing to be resolved is that when I execute an instruction to generate a view (an Ext.panel), which was generated before and now is created again dynamically without reloading the page, I...
  3. Good Morning, I have a problem regarding ExtJS MVC architecture. Instead of creating a Main Viewport as the main interface for all my views, I decided to implement different views that are being...
  4. Actually the ExtJS Library that I downloaded includes adapter for jQuery and Prototype. However the examples provided do not include samples using those adapters.

    Which other solution would you...
  5. Good Morning:

    I would like a recommendation or an example regarding the implementation of Prototype JS with ExtJS 3.3.0 in order to create a Web Application that uses COMET with PHP.

  6. Good Morning:

    I have a problem involving the creation of an Dynamic Menu using Native Javascript and trying to execute it on ExtJS 4.

    I found a very useful script on Javascript that creates a...
  7. Good morning.

    I have a question regarding the navigation scheme through cells and rows in the EditorGridPanel component.

    Is there a way to enable ←↑→↓ keys to navigate through this type of grid...
  8. Good Afternoon...

    I want to know if there is a way to select the data inside a cell of a EditorGridPanel as soon as the beforeedit listener event gets activated.

  9. Any suggestion or recommendation will be appreciated!!!
  10. Good Afternoon:

    I need some assistance regarding the use of standard onbeforeunload or onunload events.

    I have created an application that uses PHP sessions for users to login in which it...
  11. Replies
    Yes, "encab_SMAcad" is a global variable that receives all the fields definition from a php code since the information is retrieved from a MySQL database.

    This is the code:

    $campos =...
  12. Replies
    I hope someone can help me out with this.

    I created 2 EditorGridPanel instances from a base class that I wrote using Ext.Extend.

    Both grid instances shared the same colModel, store, etc.,...
  13. This is the base class:


    Matriz.gAcademicos = Ext.extend(Ext.grid.EditorGridPanel, {

    initComponent: function() {
  14. Hi,
    I am currently creating a project that involves typing several numbers in a type of grid, so that's why I'm using EditorGridPanel.

    The page has 2 Grids that where created after I used a...
  15. Good Morning,

    I have a little problem regarding the use of the Ext.ux.grid.RowSelectionPaging plugin on a Grid.

    I created a normal Grid with Paging in order to display a large store of data...
  16. I included that on the tabpanel property and it worked just great.
    Man, thank you very much for that property.
  17. Your advice helped me resolving that particular issue, however I'm experiencing another inconvenient.

    The first tab is not rendering correctly, but the other two are fine.

    I don't know if these...
  18. Good morning:

    I have recently downloaded Ext 3.3.0 in order to develop a particular project, however I am experiencing a problem with the use of EditorGridPanel inside a TabPanel with 3 tabs.

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